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Where Does Your Money Go?

A plant growing out of a cup of change

To Our Dear St. Francis Friends and Family,

After you've read the previous articles requesting donations to St. Francis, I wanted to share a report on just a few of the amazing things your money does. So many times, as I'm doing the weekly bookkeeping, I wish I had the time to write each of you a personal card thanking you for your donations. Without you, St. Francis would not exist. Physically, financially, and spiritually, you are St. Francis and you make our missions possible.

At our October meeting, after scrutinizing the church's' current budget and financial position, the St. Francis Finance Committee voted to send out several donations of $2500.00 each to the following organizations from our accrued Katie Kans funds, as well as from a bequest left to the church by the late Lloyd Engle:

Casa Maria Soup Kitchen to help their work feeding the hungry; Interfaith Community Services Food Bank; World Central Kitchen to support their on-the-ground mission in Israel and Gaza, and finally to our own Water in the Desert Homeless Ministry.

We were also able to send $5200.00 to The Inn of Southern Arizona to assist with their ongoing, tireless work with refugees. Again, this money came from donations and a special bequest.

As I printed the checks, I was overcome by your gifts and how it all makes a difference. How you make a difference. It's not all about keeping the lights on and the staff paid. There's so much more and it's a blessing to see.

I have to give a big "shout out" to the Finance Committee for their amazing work in overseeing all of this. They too, know the joy in being able to direct these funds to where they will actually help people.

I can't adequately express our gratitude in words, but I hope I've been able to share just a little bit of what your gifts have done and continue to do.

With love and appreciation,

Melissa Mitchell

Administrative Coordinator,

St. Francis in the Foothills UMC

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