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Honoring our Elders
Through Sacred Conversations

A few intrepid explorers - Melinda Dorling, Judy Robinson and Shar Aslaksen - have headed out on the road to visit some of our elder members who are unable to get to Saint Francis often so we can hear their stories. It has been a special time to slow down and just listen to stories filled with love, wisdom, a little heartache, and lots of adventure.


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Life Is An Adventure!

Article by Melinda Dorling


Virginia "Ginny" Jones loves a good adventure in travel and in love. Everything is an adventure! Even now at her new living facility - Broadway Proper, she reports that she is popular because she is still dancing! Ginny took on the move into Broadway Proper as another adventure. Her motto is “if it’s not illegal, it’s mandatory.” She has lived in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and will happily share such stories as “Collisions at the Roundabout” and “Blind Date with a Wrong Number”.


Despite challenges of her husband leaving her while pregnant, Ginny thrived as single parent with her daughter Barrie. Taking a road less traveled pervades Ginny’s life down to naming her daughter Barrie. She knew she had to support herself and her daughter. She researched potential opportunities and decided on becoming a Medical Technician. This gave her the mobility and flexibility she needed, and wanted, as a single mother.


Growing up, Ginny’s father was in the military and stationed in Japan. He brought her home a silk Kimono when she was only three and the lust for travel was ignited. Ginny stayed in the states with her mother who was a teacher, while her father was stationed abroad. Jinny was raised amidst loving family spending time with her Aunt Lola, and maternal Grandparents.




Ginny Jones

Along the way, Ginny has called Montana; Mesa, Arizona,; Richland Center, Wisconsin; Rhyad, Saudi Arabia, and Penang, Malaysia home.


Ginny also found a home at St. Francis in the Foothills. After years exploring her own path, she found St. Francis to be the right spiritual home for her with service opportunities, spiritual practice and a great view of the mountains, which whisper to her…Lets Go!. And she keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.

With a smile on her face and adventure in her heart!

“Ginny’s Journey”

Poem by Judy Robinson


From  Wisconsin to Arizona,

Montana, and Malaysia

And don’t forget Saudi Arabia

with Amahs and Burkahs

From west to east the stories galore. . .

All told with a smile, a twinkle and more.

Skiing and being a single parent

All challenges taken with at least a grain of


That’s our Ginny Jones

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