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Special Events

Six Weeks with Mary Magdalene

mary magdeline

(Based on the book) Led by Susan Davies

Join in a journey with Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’ apostles, as she helps us deepen our faith this Lenten season.


Thursdays, April 4th - May 2nd

4:30 pm in room 50


For more information contact:

Susan Davies: 

402.740.8871 or


Shar Aslaksen:

 520.299.9063 x102

now voyager

Friday, May 10th

Ravenscroft Hall

2:00 PM

Friday at the Movies

2024 Season
“Revisiting the Classics”

Join us for the classic:

Now, Voyager

(117 minutes, 1942)

Charlotte Vale (Bette Davis) has never been out from under the domination of her mother until she enters a sanitarium. Transformed into an elegant, independent woman, Charlotte begins to blossom as an individual. On a cruise, she meets and falls in love for the first time with a man named Jerry (Paul Henreid) --who turns out to be married. Upon her return, Charlotte confronts her mother, who dies of a heart attack soon after. Guilt-ridden and despondent, Charlotte returns to the sanitarium, where she meets Tina. a depressed young woman who begins to find happiness with her new friend Charlotte. The connection they share is more than friendship: Tina is Jerry's daughter. Through her friendship with Charlotte, Tina finds happiness, and the pair go back to Charlotte's home in Boston. When Jerry sees how happy his daughter is, he allows her to remain with Charlotte.

Great Decisions


Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs. The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching the video series  and meeting in a Discussion Group to discuss the most critical global issues facing America today.


Ravenscroft Hall



For more information contact Kay Bauman:


Diane and Lisa Concert Poster

Diane & Lisa
in Concert

Friday, April 19th, 7pm

In the Celebration Center


$15 at the Door

Call (520) 370-5912 for info

Crafting Calm

Time with friends and tea and simple crafting to unlock our wisdom, creativity. and find a stillness within.

With a gentle mind we will explore projects such as: water painting, collaging, alter making, diamond art, prayer beads, prayer flags, fairy gardens, and more.

All ages, genders and abilities are welcome.

For more info, contact Shar at

Tea Time

Fridays at 10:30

April 19th – May 24th

(Six Weeks)

Room 42

A cup of coffee

St. Francis in the Foothills presents:

A Community Coffee House

Do you........ Sing, Dance, Play a musical instrument, Create poetry, do Stand up comedy or just want to try something new?


Enjoy a relaxed evening in a coffee house environment. Showcase your talent, or come and drink coffee (or other beverage), snack and enjoy a

time of good fun and friends.


Saturday, April 20th,

6:30 - 8:30 pm in the Community Center


Donation suggested.

Snacks and beverages will be available.


For more information, or to sign up, contact Shar


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