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Our Vision

Our History

Our Staff

St. Francis in the Foothills Methodist Church

On the first Sunday of October in 1967, Frank Williams and a group of twenty-five spiritual seekers gathered for the first time. They met in a small, old house, sat on donated chairs, sang from donated hymnals and as the service began, a church to serve all was born.

St. Francis was created out of the need for a spiritual home for those of diverse backgrounds. A home for spiritual rebels, the unchurched, and those outcasts for who they love or what they believe. Frank Williams, our founding pastor, inspired that first congregation to grow and create the church on the hill for all people.


Since that Sunday, St. Francis has grown, yet our mission to be of service to all people has remained the same.

Our Vision

To remove barriers, find oneness, be of service, choose love.

We are committed to creating a spiritual home for all. We do this by nurturing service to others in our community and worldwide, by inclusive worship, loving our neighbors, and guiding each other in grace.

Our Mission

Meet Our Staff

Pastor Mike Wilkerson

Mike Wilkerson



Reverend Michael Wilkerson was born in Ocala, Florida, and moved around while growing up, mostly in the southeast part of the country. Upon graduation from high school, he enlisted in the Navy, attended the University of Florida through an ROTC scholarship, then served as an officer in submarines. After thirteen years of military service, Mike left the Navy, got a master’s degree, and then moved to the Phoenix area where he worked as a component design engineer at Intel Corporation for twenty years.

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Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell

Administrative Coordinator


Steve Barclay Facilities Coordinator

Steve Barclay

Facilities Coordinator

Shar Aslaksen

Shar Aslaksen

Program Director

Deborah Kramer

Deborah Kramer

Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Hilts, Choir Director
Joe Pitonzo

Cynthia Hilts

Music Director

Joe Pitonzo

Raggedy Band Director

Cathy DeMers

Director, International School for Peace

Cathy DeMers

Thank you to our congregation

and all of our volunteers who keep St. Francis in the Foothills vital and alive!

Congregatin of St Francis
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