A Word From Our Pastor

December/January Message

I hope you've been thinking about the Christmas Miracle Challenge I gave to you. There is so much need all around us and so many ways that we can help. Our tendencies to give to those who already have plenty can blind us to the amazing ways we can change lives with just a small change in habit.


One estimate I saw said that the average American household in 2018 spent $1,536 on Christmas.


How many pairs of pajamas could we buy if we spent 10% less on each other and gave that amount to the Angel Heart Pajama Project?


If we shifted 25% of that total, how would that $384 help feed homeless families trying to get back on their feet?


Even if we gave away half of that total to help others around us, isn't $768 still a tidy sum to give to one another?


And if you don't spend any money on gifts for others, there is still opportunities to be a miracle. The Soul Box Project allows us to add to a growing movement in America to stop gun violence and increase community connection. And speaking of connection. . . .  


Yesterday a group of "representatives" from the International School for Peace came to the church office with a gift. One by one these three and  four-year-old children brought in cans of vegetables, boxes of cereal, and bottles of spaghetti sauce until our kitchen table was overflowing with their love.


And we needed it...because close to 15 bags of food went out that same morning.


Please consider being the miracle in another person's life this holiday season. Give whatever gifts are appropriate to each other, but then take part of the money that you might have given and bring a true blessing to those who have others who can use it so wonderfully well.


Visit the Angel Heart Pajama Project at http://angelheartpajamaproject.org/


or the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona at www.communityfoodbank.org/


or The Soul Box Project at https://soulboxproject.org/ for more information.


Thank you for the miracles you will make happen this season,

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