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A Word From Our Pastor
February Message

A Word from Our Pastor

I have good news for those who always seem to be running out of time – we have an extra day this year. It’s a leap year!


Time is one of our most valuable commodities, but, like everything else in life, it requires balance. Being too stingy with our time (i.e., using it for only “productive” purposes) is stifling and makes us stale. However, being too frivolous with our time ultimately leaves us lost because the necessary tasks of life are never accomplished (like having to wear your “cleanest” dirty clothes to visit with friends because the laundry was never done).


Where we invest our time makes a huge difference. I had a friend who used to say, “We all have the same number of hours in a day. It’s how you spend them that makes the difference.” This is true to some extent, but I think we also need to be conscious of our objectives before concluding whether our time investment was appropriate. Our time on this earth is a gift from God, and there are periods when it is best spent frivolously and periods when we need to be stingy.






Pastor Mike Wilkerson

There are moments when sitting and laughing with others, or playing games with children, or staring at the colors of the sky during a sunset are the wisest ways to spend our time. And then there are times when a devotion to growth and productivity are most appropriate.


As we embark on our Lenten journeys this month, I pray that you will find balance in your use of time as well as all the other resources that require careful stewardship. May this Lenten season be marked by a greater awareness of who you are as a beloved child of God, and may grow deeper in your relationship with God.


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