Pastor Jim's Message

A Word From Our Pastor
August Message

When It Cools Down Again...


How many are living out the title of this article more this year (and in more, varied ways) than before in your lifetime? The "heat" has been on for quite a while now, leaving all of our energy drained and our "want-to" seriously depleted. But I am beginning to feel the cool breezes of the monsoon change all that!

It is now time to decide how we want to spend our time and energy in the next season of our lives.

Maybe you will focus on the coming election cycle. The primaries are on Tuesday and the general election follow quickly on November 8. There are many opportunities leading up to that date that need volunteers and donations. Is this where you can be active?

In our city and across our state there are social issues that need to be addressed. People are struggling in several different ways. None of us can solve all those issues, but together we can begin to make a dent in many of them. I love what Jo Moody talked about the last two Sundays, showing us how to reach out in what many might say is minuscule – a bottle of water for a thirsty person in the desert. Yet, if you ask the person who receives that token of love, you will see that it is anything but a small gift – it is life itself in the face of the temperature around them. Is this where you can be active?

Maybe your activity lies in reviving one of the internal groups of St. Francis – the Sophia Circle Women's Group and the Chrysalis Men’s group would love people who want to connect and strengthen their spiritual lives, while lending their insights energy to others. Is this where your activity lies?

Jim at Gun Control walk_edited.jpg

Maybe you have a new idea about what to do – two of our members painted some of our old benches. Still others are working to make the church property more efficient in water usage. What is missing at St. Francis? A new prayer group is forming, looking to join our hearts and expand our spirits. What new and exciting ways can you find to do something wondrous in our church and in the community around us?

How will you open yourself to the new world that is forming around us? What will you provide for others as they journey into this “Cool” new future? If you have an idea that I’ve not mentioned here, please come and talk with me or Melissa.

Let’s dream together. The possibilities are endless.

Pastor Jim's Message of Inclusivity