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May Message

St. Francis at the Crossroads


Recently many of us here at St. Francis were part of a Zoom discussion entitled “To Stay or to Go.” It was an informative session that looked at the many possibilities ahead of us 

as the United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church split into two denominations with a ton of information shared about our future…


…and it wholly bored me.


It quickly sank into issues such as church organization and governance; how the Global Methodist Church believed differently; and how this would affect the Book of Discipline. All of those things are not unimportant, but they don’t deal with what I believe is the central issue:


What does this new future mean for St. Francis?


Others felt my same frustration and so we have decided to offer an opportunity to examine the future of the church, not so much from a General or international viewpoint, but from our individual church perspective. We have set up the following Question and Answer time and we want to invite all you from St. Francis:


St Francis at the Crossroads

Sunday, May 8th at 11:00 am

in the Celebration Center



Jim at Gun Control walk_edited.jpg

I will lead us in an informal time together doing a quick recap of what has transpired to bring us to our current space in the United Methodist Church, followed by a time of Questions and Answers about the future. Please come prepared with any questions, opinions, fears, issues, doubts, uncertainties, ideas, thoughts, recommendations, or suggestions.


We will not fix all the problems of our denominational life during this session, that is not our purpose. We will work to elevate each other to our best selves in dealing with the challenging time ahead.


Join us as we look toward our future.

Pastor Jim's Message of Inclusivity