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Easter Sunday

A Word From Our Pastor
June Message

As we move deeper into the summer months, the transitions initiated in the earlier months of the year are taking root.


Those who travel north for the summer are settling into their cooler locales; students who finished the school year are taking a well-deserved break; graduates are starting new careers, jobs, or degree programs; and the United Methodist Church will be living into the many changes agreed upon at the recent General Conference. These are exciting times that foster both hope and stress as we seek to make the most of the changes we have been striving for in the preceding months (and years).


In the midst of these changes, let’s remember the peace that comes with being present with God. Even though we move and grow in so many different ways, the foundational love that God has for each of us remains constant. It may look different as our vantage points in life change, but the strong, steady hand of God is always extended toward us, seeking a deeper relationship with us and encouraging us to be transformed by that love.





Pastor Mike

May the sunny days ahead bring you joy, and may Christ’s love fill your heart as we journey into new possibilities.


Peace and blessings,

Pastor Mike

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