A Word From Our Pastor

June Message

Most of you know of the classes that I have been teaching on Zoom for the last couple months. They have brought approximately thirty people a week into discussions about Fear and Joy; Spiritual Paths and Troublesome Passages; Parables and even the Apocalypse.


What you may not know is WHY I have been holding these classes . . .  


The topics, however interesting or important, were a secondary concern. Primarily, I was interested in bringing people into a community of support and conversation, so that in the midst of separation, they would not be alone.


On Sunday I introduced the idea of Quaran-Teams, a concept that I hope gets 100% participation at St. Francis. Like my classes, these teams are meant to be focused on community, bringing people out of isolation and into a space of love and support.


What your Quaran-Team looks like . . . What your team does when it is together . . . How your team gets together . . . are less important concerns than your choice to expand the wonder of what St. Francis has always been into the circle of your team of chosen friends, but I do have some suggestions.

First, choose people that you like so you want to see and be with them. Three or four households is probably a good measure for the size.


Be purposeful about trying to include friends that might be most isolated, even if they are further outside your typical circle.


Please be mindful of everyone's health, using telephones and internet, cards and letters to connect more than in-person contact. But, make those connections regular and consistent.


I will make Zoom codes available for any team that needs them. We need to schedule the specific times each team wants to meet, so we don't step on each other's meetings, but you decide the ones that are convenient for your team.


Most of all have - fun with these Quaran-Teams! Let them remind you of the amazing love that we share here at St. Francis. Let them help you remind the other people on your team.


In these moments we need each other more than ever!

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