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January Message

How Is Spirit Calling?

I wonder how many others are starting their January newsletter with some variation of, “Glad we made it through 2020”? The intersection of pandemics, elections, racial unrest, social disorder and economic uncertainty gives a much broader and deeper meaning to the word “crash.” And those incidences throughout the year have often been deadly.


Due to those collisions, as much as it is an accomplishment to have survived the year, the work that this moment brings to us is far from over. Because vaccines are being provided, it doesn’t mean our diligence to health and relationship can stop. Because we may feel more at ease than we have for months does not mean that others can or do share that comfort. Because an election is finished doesn’t stop the work of governance and reconciliation that this New Year will ask of us.


We have tasks ahead of us. I saw a meme that explained it well for me -
















It is certainly much easier to act like the woman on the left – hoping that someone else will do the work that must be done.


Spirit however calls us to be like the woman on the right who does the often-difficult work that is required in order to achieve the results that are hoped for…and that are desperately needed in our world today.


The work of the Spirit is always an active endeavor.

What is this moment calling out of you?


On December 31, the eviction moratorium, which ensures that thousands of families are able to stay is their homes, is due to expire. The effect on our society will be terrible. Is this where Spirit is calling you?


The people along our southern border that have been waiting for many months to cross will find a sympathetic administration in the New Year. Is this where Spirit is calling you?

A new session of the Arizona State Legislature begins shortly, with items on the agenda that will affect our lives and the lives of many around us. Is this where Spirit is calling you?

In late August the United Methodist Church is scheduled to meet in order to deal with the issue of full inclusion. Is this where Spirit is calling you?


These issues and many more lie in front of us in this New Year.


Instead of making a resolution, make a commitment to be active in our world. It will need our best work.


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