Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry

Our goal at St. Francis is to create a safe and nurturing environment for all the children in our care. We create space and opportunities for children to explore playful creativity, spirituality, grow in their gifts and become a part of a community of love.

We understand there are varying comfort levels on bringing children back to church and respectfully honor those choices. For families who want to come back to church but are not wanting to join the Sunday School/Fellowship time activity, bags with paper and pencils are provided. Children will be required to wear a mask while at Saint Francis. We will be utilizing the outside areas as much as possible to enable social distancing, fresh air, and lots of running around.

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Children will leave after Children’s time in the 9:30 Service and return for the Benediction and final song. On Communion Sundays the Children will return for Communion.


If you have any questions, concerns, hopes or suggestions, (or would like to participate via Zoom), please email

Registration is required. Please fill out the following form and return it to me in person or email.


Shar Aslaksen, Coordinator of Multi-age Programs

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