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June 4      Communion Sunday

Farewell cards for Jim

June 11    Science exploration

June 18    Green Team 

June 25    Neurodrawing

July 2        Communion Sunday -

Communion Exploration

July 9        Praying in Color

July 16      Green team 

July 23      Contemplative Science exploration

July 30      Creating labyrinths

Kids at Sunday School

Children will leave after Children’s time in the 9:30 Service and return for the Benediction and final song. On Communion Sundays (the first Sunday of the month) the Children will stay for the Celebration. Quiet activities will the offered.


If you have any questions, concerns, hopes or suggestions, please email

Registration is required. Please fill out the following form and return it to me in person or email.



Shar Aslaksen, Coordinator of Multi-age Programs

Sabbath is a day of rest. It is an important practice in which we day to set aside our work and routines to center ourselves and be mindful.

Some ways to practice Sabbath is by coming to Sunday School but here area few ways to practice Sabbath if you are not able to get to church.

Take a mindful walk. Notice the sounds and smells. Notice the feel of the air and how

You feel.


Prepare a family meal.


Write a list of what you are grateful for.


Send good thoughts to someone who is struggling.


Listen to your favorite music.


Check out these YouTube sites for creating prayerful practice at home or on your travels.

Labyrinths are a great way to quiet and focus the mind and find a prayer space. You can also explore labyrinths in Tucson or as you travel. 

Labyrinths are sacred geometric tools. Please be respectful as you walk mindfully. As you walk into the center pray on those you hold dear. As you walk out of the labyrinth think of what you need to let of go in this summer season.


Labyrinths in Tucson


World-Wide Labyrinth Locator - Locate a Labyrinth



Send us pictures of your explorations!

Blessing to you!


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