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Community Education

Courses, seminars and workshops in...

Sundays 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Room 50


spiritual formation

theological exploration

social justice & life skills.

Our St. Francis Community Education Group (formerly known as Adult Education) is planning some pivotal events through early 2024 and invite you to join us and bring a friend!


Mental Health Ministries presents Humor and Laughter as a Path of Healing with Diane Ealy.


Dr. C Diane Ealy has known the joy of making people laugh since she was 4 years old. She is an author (her books can be found on Amazon), energy healer, creativity and humor specialist. She will demonstrate her brand of humor and discuss how we can use laughter to promote healing within ourselves and within the community. You will learn how to fulfill your MDRL.



Anita Fonte offers a class on Civics! How much do we know?


It's an important year for political issues on all levels. This session is about the broader civics knowledge that all high school graduates are required to pass. Using actual randomly selected questions that each participant pulls from a box and reads to the group.


Can you answer them all?


It will be a fun session and may encourage us all dig deeper into our knowledge and understanding of our government




There is no Community Education March 25th, so that all can attend the Desert Southwest United Methodist Foundation seminar on Building Our Legacy. Read about it in Special Events.



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State Capital

Coming in March


Honoring our Elders

The Gospel of Thomas with Ed Leigh and Shar 

International Day of Happiness with Anita Fonte

Science and Religion

Science and Religion Study Group 

Sundays in Room 50 New Time: 8:30AM-9:25AM

Immediately after the 7:45AM service but before the 9:30AM Celebration Service.


Science and Religion will be using the Great Courses video, "Gravity", along with a reading from The Hours of the Universe by Ilia Delio, a Teilhard de Chardin Scholar.


For more information, contact Pam Bisson at

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