Adult Education at St Francis in the Foothills

Adult Education

The Mission of the St. Francis Adult Education program is to promote the awakening of the divine spirit within us as individuals and as a congregation.


To this end, courses, seminars and workshops are offered in four areas of learning and exploration:


  • Spiritual Formation

  • Theological Exploration

  • Social Justice 

  • Life Skills

Join Us!

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Sundays, 9:00 am in Room 50


The Science and Religion Study Group is meeting again!


Join us as we discuss the relationship between science and religion - touching on the natural world, history, philosophy, theology and so much more.

Join the study and discussion of The Sacred Depths of Nature by Ursula Goodenough. Each Chapter discusses the current knowledge about some scientific subject, such as the beginnings of the earth or biodiversity and then has a short meditation at the end on what was discussed in the chapter.


The book is an older book so it may be available at Bookman's, otherwise it is at Amazon.


We hope to finish this study by the end of May. Come join us!



Join us for the series Living the Questions.

Living the Questions strives to create an environment where participants can work together to find ways to "live the questions" instead of "forcing the answers".


Featuring commentary from such well-known scholars as John Shelby Spong, Marcus Borg, and John Dominic Crossan, it tackles issues of faith and controversial subjects such as the church's position on homosexuality and much more.

Join us in-person on Sundays from 10:45 am to noon in the

Celebration Center or connect here to Zoom...