Adult Education

The Mission of the St. Francis Adult Education program is to promote the awakening of the divine spirit within us as individuals and as a congregation.


To this end, courses, seminars and workshops are offered in four areas of learning and exploration:


  • Spiritual Formation focuses on the development of our personal resources to live in accord with God's love for us.

  • Theological Exploration helps us understand the depth of our faith and the meaning of our existence.

  • Social Justice instructs us how to carry forth the love of god in our world for our fellow humans and for the well being of the earth.

  • Life Skills provides tools by which to grow in spirit, mind, and body.


Youth and adults are encouraged to participate fully in the program. 

Childcare will be provided during each Sunday class, 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.  

All are welcome here!

Sundays, 9:00 am, San Francisco Room


The Science and Religion

Study Group is conducting a video study of the Higgs Boson Particle.


Each meeting will begin with a 30 minute video from the Great Courses class followed by a discussion of the week’s topic and how it fits with our understanding of God’s role in the creation and workings of the Universe.   

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, November 17th

Politics and Civil Conversation

10:30 am in the Community Center

Join in on a lively, informative exchange that features a review of the history of impeachment; examining traditional Republican & Democratic viewpoints; and an Elizabeth Warren book that many Republicans would agree with. The class will be led by Pima County Interfaith (PCI) members - June Webb-Vignery and Martha Pankratz. Be part of this civil political conversation.

Sunday, November 24th

What are the Blue Zones of Happiness?

10:30 am in the Community Center

Dan Buettner, well-known researcher for National Geographic, discovered the places in the world with the greatest longevity and what caused it. In this new study of Blue Zones, he identified places in the world with the greatest happiness and shows what they have in common (that we might want to emulate). Watch this fascinating video and discuss how his findings might be useful to you and our community.

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