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"Grace in Action"
Support St. Francis in 2023

Dear Ones:

This year’s Stewardship campaign theme is “Grace in Action”, and if ever a community/ congregation exemplified this, it is St. Francis in the Foothills. As you may have noticed, the St. Francis staff has been working feverishly to create opportunities for us to come back together once again and serve our community.

As Pastor Jim has talked about, we are still   troubled and on the brink of agitation. We are still worried and concerned about events happening all around us. Now, more than ever, we need to support each other and lift each other up. Now, more than ever, we need to support our beloved church, which strives to be there always and in all ways.

Stewardship Sundays will take place in November and December. During those two months, we will seek to meet the challenges before us by gathering up our 2023 pledges electronically and through the mail.

Your financial support is more crucial than ever to keep the creativity, generosity, and commitment of our St. Francis community alive. It is because of you that we can do the things we do and reach out in ever-widening circles.

We ask that you please think about your own situation and reflect on how generous you can be in investing in our future. With your help, we will continue to find new ways to hope, dream, give, and be the church. We will find bigger and better ways to personify “Grace in Action”.

For all that we’ve already accomplished and for all that we will accomplish together in the future, we thank God and we thank YOU.

In love and gratitude,

Your Stewardship Team: Paula Van Ness (Chair), Chuck Adams, Karen Bliss, Tom Bossert, Art Evans, John Everhart, Sheri Houston, David Osollo, Peggy Schlosser, Linda Van Pelt, and June Webb-Vignery


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I/We understand that this pledge will 1) help our church sing "A Future with Hope" and 2) can be changed at any time.

Thanks for your Pledge!

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