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2024 Stewardship Campaign

Dear St. Francis Friends and Family, 

It's hard to believe that another amazing year is winding down. St. Francis has gone through a lot of growth, challenges, and changes, and so the theme of this year's Stewardship Campaign - Abundant Life - is quite appropriate. 

Because of you, we were able to pull ourselves up and out of the financial hole we had fallen into last year, and although we are by no means out of the woods, we can see the light through the trees (as long as the monsoon storms are over, and we still have trees!) 

As always, your support means more now than ever to keep St. Francis in the Foothills not only alive but thriving in the year to come. Because of you, we exist and because of you we can offer - with outstretched hands - the abundance in our hearts and minds. 

The 2024 Stewardship Campaign will begin in October and conclude at the end of December. During this time, we will speak of the challenges and dreams ahead of us and seek to meet them with the pledges you turn in on Sundays, electronically or through the mail. 

This congregation is a gift, in more ways than we can count. But perhaps the greatest blessing of all is that this church is a place of homecoming and hope, a place where we come together to choose love, justice, and acceptance again and again, and know our call will always be answered. 

For all that we've already accomplished together during these challenging times, for all that we will accomplish together in the future, thank God, and thank YOU. Let us create abundance - abundance in life, love, and togetherness. With your help, we will not only succeed, we will excel. 

With ABUNDANT Appreciation, 

Your Stewardship Team 

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