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Welcome Bags for the INN of Southern Arizona

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Hello and welcome friends!

Yes, The INN of Southern Arizona is alive, well, and still very busy welcoming dozens of new guests every day. The Welcome Bags you see pictured here are being beautifully decorated twice a month by our wonderful St. Francis volunteers and children (another generous project coordinated by Shar!), filled with goodies, and given to every person who arrives at our shelter to express our warm hospitality. A big thank you goes to these special volunteer artists! And you are always welcome to join the packing crew at St. Francis. For more information, contact Shar Aslaksen at 520-299-9063 or email

To all who have donated time, money, clothing, and food, we could not be more grateful. With St. Francis' invaluable support, the Inn is thriving! Your donations and time are vital in helping to keep the Inn’s doors open. If you want to learn more about our program, please visit our website:

Did you know The Inn has welcomed nearly 2,000 total guests in June alone?

And since opening in December 2016, we have served 35,278 people (individuals and families) from over 35 countries around the world. Although fluctuations in the monthly number of guests we receive are common, we are currently averaging between 100 and 200 guests per day. So again, we are truly grateful for any and all help we receive!

Do you want to help? The first step to being a volunteer is to fill out some information at

Here, you will have the opportunity to let us know your areas of interest.

Would you like to donate? Since we provide room and board every day and night, as well as clothing and underwear, food for travel and snack bags, diapers and formula, and more, monetary donations are vitally important. To give online, please go to

Do you have questions?

Please call Nancy Garcia at 520-331-6669 for more information. We are currently accepting donations of clothing - particularly small and medium men’s, women’s and children’s (sizes 4 to teens) tops and bottoms - as well as gently used tennis shoes or supportive sandals. Out of respect for our guest’s comfort and dignity, and for our very committed clothing volunteers, we ask that donations are clean and in good repair.


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