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Weather Based Irrigation - The Green Team

It probably isn't any surprise that we are in the throes of the worst drought in 1200 years! The news is constantly covering the many cuts affecting in Arizona’s share of Colorado River water. Many people are facing the prospect of rationing.

A high impact step anyone with a landscape irrigation set-up can take is switching to weather-based irrigation. Instead of a clock timer, these newer timers use weather and landscape data to adjust the watering schedule. Up to 70% of household water is used for landscaping.

Let’s resolve to make the best possible use of our Creator’s gift of rain. Go to and search “weather based irrigation” for much more information about this sensible step.

We are celebrating the Green Team’s current work with Watershed Management to add to water-saving actions at our campus. Join us at the Green Team’s next meeting 9/25 8:30 am Room 50 to share your ideas!

- St. Francis Green Team

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