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The Hottest Day on Earth

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Eco Tip from the Green Team

July 4th was the hottest day on Earth in 100,000 years! While worldwide action is needed to heal the climate, we can lessen the load on our own air conditioners and also save money.

Close all and curtains when away from home. Plan meals to use a crockpot, Instant Pot, toaster oven, grill or sun oven - all appliances which help keep the heat down in your kitchen.

Use ceiling or floor fans to help move the air around and aid in cooling. Raise your thermostat just one degree. Dry clothes outdoors.

For bigger steps, plant trees on your west side. Need new windows? Check into soft coat low E glass. If the air conditioning goes out, look at heat pumps. With specific criteria, both are eligible for 30% tax credit!

The St. Francis Green Team

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