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Rescue Rummage Sale and Summer Carnival

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Something extra-special occurred at and because of our Rescue Rummage Sale and Summer Carnival on May 7th. When the community came together for the items that were donated, more was done than just bringing in funds for medical support for our dogs.

  • We did not sell the car seats that were donated. We gave them to The Inn of Southern Arizona for the refugees that need them for their children so they can ride on the bus.

  • We were honored to also give first choice of clothing and shoes to The Inn of Southern Arizona.

  • We took all the leftover furniture to the Salvation Army for distribution for those in need.

  • All leftover items went to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

  • The baked goods you purchased went towards supporting the Alzheimer’s Association.

Everything that was done was paid forward in Tucson, and that’s what a sense of community should be about.

To the vendors who attended and were so enthused by the event and venue, we enjoyed having you join us and you are now a part of our Hope of Deliverance family.

To our volunteers who worked so hard, what would we do without you?

To KHIT 107.5 and The Drive Tucson, thank you for spreading the word. You made it possible to reach so many people.

To everyone who came out and supported us, donated items, bought something, adopted a dog, or just gave our dogs love, we thank you.

And finally, to St. Francis in the Foothills: There’s a wonderful family at this church - they have hearts bigger than you can imagine. Not only did they give their facilities to us for the event, their staff and members came and helped out.

To Melissa, Shar, Steve, Pastor Jim and everyone at Saint Francis in the Foothills who hosted us, worked their tails off, and brought us so much help with the widest, most welcoming arms, we cannot thank you enough.

We made $3000 from the sale. We had hoped to use it towards accumulated vet bills, but several of our dogs were diagnosed with parvo and this money saved their lives. Thank God we didn't have to start from scratch, but had the funds available. Because of all of you.

Everyone brought the best of Tucson that day, and we are more than grateful.

Bree Kishman,

Director of Hope of Deliverance Rescue

St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church

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