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Prayer/Meditation Oscar Motomura

Thank you God for who I am.

Thank you for You,

for all living beings,

for the love I feel that makes me live

every moment of my life with great joy,

helping me bring joy

to all that my life touches.

Thank you God for the opportunities I have every day

to express the best I have in me,

for being able to be of service to every person I meet.

Thank you God for the perfect peace I feel inside,

tranquility, serenity, Divine Quietness.

Thank you for everything I learn

from all I experience and all I create every day.

Thank you God for inspiring me,

for helping me create Heaven on Earth

now, and now, and now,

and in every moment I think, speak, and act.

Thank you God

for being who I am.

Thank you,

thank you,

thank you.

- Oscar Motomura

Director, Amana-Key, Brazil

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