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October Eco Tip from the Green Team

Hands holding a small plant

We can show appreciation for God’s amazing creations by the daily choices we make.

In the Southwest, we know the value of water. Try keeping a half gallon jar or pitcher next to your kitchen sink. Fill this while waiting for water to get hot, then use that water on plants, fill the pet water dish, in a bucket for floor washing etc. Keep a separate pail handy, and add water from washing produce, boiling pasta or veggies, rinsing hand washed dishes etc, and empty it daily to water trees. ( If you have young children or pets, keep this bucket, like all buckets, out of reach!)

Daily, we are reminded how precious and vital water is to our lives. It's up to us all to be aware and never take more from our planet than we need.

- St. Francis Green Team

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