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Is God calling you to service?

Lay Servant Ministries


An Introduction to Lay Servant Ministries class is being offered Saturdays, May 4th and 11th at St John's UMC in Tucson (from 9 am to 3 pm both days).  Upon registration, more detailed information about the class will be provided.

Registration is open at:



Lay Servant Ministries is a program to educate and empower the laity to roles of leadership, caring and communications in the church and community.


The first class in "Introduction to Lay Servant Ministries" is offered 4-5 times a year in the conference. Also offered are Advanced Courses that cover many topics of interest in our three focus areas of leadership, caring and communications. One is allowed to take advanced courses at any time, although we do encourage the Introduction (Basic) class first. Each course is 10 hours in length and can be in 3.5 hour sessions or two 5 hour sessions (or other appropriate timeframe. This will be described in the advertisement and registration document. Attendance at all class times is mandatory for credit to be given.


Once the Introduction class and one Advanced course are taken, one is designated a Certified Lay Servant. An Annual report is required each Fall and is due to your church for your annual church conference which is usually held in the fall. A requirement of completing at least one Advanced Course every 3 years is also required to maintain status.


Questions? Contact one of the Co-Directors for the South District:


Gretchen Lofgren                    Kelly Deyoe      

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