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Eco Tip from the Green Team

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Plastics break down, but never actually disappear. Micro plastics and nano plastics are the microscopic bits of plastic that remain to spread throughout our food, air and water. Less unsightly than visible trash, they can actually be more harmful to us.

The micro plastics have been found everywhere from the Arctic to inside plant tissues, from deep in lungs to newborn babies’ first poop.

Reduce exposure by saying no to plastics, whether bags, food/water containers, toys, or housewares. Choose natural fabrics over polyester. Check your cosmetics and toothpaste for plastic micro beads. Never heat food or baby formula in plastics. Wash plastics by hand instead of the dishwasher. Drink filtered tap water, which even unfiltered, has less micro plastic than water in disposable plastic bottles.

You have the power to protect your, and especially our children’s, health.

  • The St. Francis Green Team

St. Francis in the Foothills United Methodist Church

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