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Do You Have Extra Mugs?

red mug


Did you get a mug, or several mugs for Christmas that you don’t necessarily

 want or need? Or maybe you have mugs you have been meaning to get rid of that are in good shape. How about goodies that could fill a mug such as individually wrapped tea bags, snacks, or items like lip balm, key chains, mini flashlights, magnets, and so forth?

Please consider donating these items to Pima Council On Aging. They and their Volunteers are assembling them and giving them to the Neighbors Care Alliance groups throughout Pima County, who will distribute them to seniors around Valentine’s Day as part of our Hug in a Mug program.

The deadline to donate is fast approaching.

You can bring your mugs to St. Francis

 this Sunday, January 7th 



Items can be dropped off at Pima Council On Aging.

Location at 600 S. Country Club

across from Reid Park, M – F, 9am to 5pm


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