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Adult Education Wants to Hear From You

Adult Education, at St Francis, is back and

going strong on Sunday mornings

after the second service.

We would like to hear from you about

what you would like to see presented.

Please take the following short survey (3-5 minutes)

by clicking on the link below.

We also want to hear from those who have a passion

for a topic that falls within the four categories

of adult education:

  1. Spiritual Formation focuses on the development of our personal resources to live in accord with our understanding of the Spirit Force of the Universe.

  2. Theological Exploration helps us understand the depth of our faiths and the meaning of our existence.

  3. Social Justice shows us new paths of Love in Action in our world -for our fellow humans and for the well-being of the earth.

  4. Life Skills provides tools by which to grow in spirit, mind, and body with others in our community.

Thank you for your input and support

of continuing and engaging

Adult Education at St. Francis!

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