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Remove Barriers.
Choose Love.
Find Oneness.
Be of Service.


"A place to be able to explore spirit without dogma or judgement. Everyone is welcome."

Mike Wise

"If you are looking for a true place of acceptance this is it! Are you gay and feel rejected by your place of worship? Come check out St. Francis in the Foothills, you will not be disappointed."

Dillon Young

"A beautiful, kind, progressive congregation and message of peace, tolerance, and unity."


lgbtq rights photo by sharon mccutcheon

Remove Barriers.

Saint Francis in the Foothills contains within its walls a diverse collection of souls who strive to remove all barriers which separate us.

|| Our Vision


Choose Love.

We believe that there are no “others” because we are all one.

|| Ministries

|| The Loving Letters Project

We support each other in achieving our fullest potential.


congregation members at St. Francis in the Foothills

Find Oneness.

 || Groups

Snack Packs

Be of Service.

Aspire to share with others and our children our commitment to active service and joyful participation.

|| Community Outreach

Get To Know Us.

The Congregation at St. Francis in the Foothills

Come see us at

St. Francis in the Foothills!

We're glad you're here! Learn all about our celebrations and activities on Sunday.

Get to know our welcoming staff at St. Francis in the Foothills!

For Kids.

Children's Time during service at St Francis

Explore with Us! We create space and opportunities for children to explore playful creativity, spirituality, grow in their gifts and become a part of a community of love.

a baby with a one of a kind t-shirt

Available for ages 0-5.


The Nursery is staffed during Celebration for infant and toddler care.

Children learning at ISP

International School for Peace - Tucson's first Spanish immersion preschool. Play-based, multicultural, non-biased curriculum.

A Sprout from a glass of coins

The offerings received from our church members, constituents and guests supports a variety of programs reaching out to the hungry and homeless, new refugee families, the LGBTQ community... read more

Do You Need A Prayer?

|| Send Us Your Prayer Requests

Iskashitaa Refugee Network
United Methodist Committee on Relieft
Desert Southwest Conference of the Metho
A United Methodist Church
Human Rights Campaign
Reconciling Ministries Network
Imagine No Malaria
ics - interfaith community services
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