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The Grand Canyon Protection Act

Protecting Sacred Land

As Arizonans and people of faith, we strongly believe in the “Green Rule” and believe it should be followed to protect one of our greatest natural and spiritual treasures: The Grand Canyon. Senator Sinema, Senator Kelly, and Representative Grijalva have all introduced versions of the Grand Canyon Protection Act. We ask that you stand with them in supporting this monumental piece of legislation.

It is long overdue for all of us to come together, regardless of faith or political ideology, and protect one of the most awe-inspiring creations in our great state.

The Arizona Faith Network and the Earth Care Task Force of the Desert Southwest Conference of the U.M.C. is asking us to sign the petition in favor of this bill to protect the Grand Canyon.

Please sign your name, faith community, or organization by clicking the link below to encourage our Senators to pass the Grand Canyon Protection Act today.

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