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Tacheria Interfaith Schools

Are you ready for an interfaith wisdom walk? Do you feel a need for a safe, brave space to explore your spirituality with a small compassionate community? Then check out Tacheria Interfaith Schools. The Tucson school is in-person and Wisdoms Way (Phoenix) is virtual.

Tacheria’s Interfaith School is a two-year program (meeting one Saturday a month beginning 9/9/23) that explores the practices of some of the world’s spiritual traditions. Spiritual leaders from Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sufism, and others make up the faculty and share their insights, wisdom, and experience. Participants learn through dialogue, readings, spiritual practices, and practicing holy listening. Tuition is $600/year. Applications are being accepted now through September 4th.

Registration forms and more information on the schools can be found here:

Tacheria values diversity and strives to be inclusive. Adults of all races, ethnicities, gender/sexual orientation, religious/spiritual beliefs and the spiritual but not religious are welcome.

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