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Gift for Our New Pastor


for our new Pastor Mike Wilkerson

A gift to our new Pastor will be a 3 ring binder meant to document suggestions we each have made about our "most favorite places to know about in Tucson"...along with what makes that particular place special to you

We are inviting EVERYONE to introduce themselves to our new Pastor Mike Wilkerson by submitting a standard notebook size page of 3 or 4 "hot tip" suggestions. Things like: Hiking trails, ice cream shop, best tamales, dry cleaners, dentist, movie theater etc. You might even include some hot tips about yourself!

Of course ALL suggestions are welcome, but our new family will be located near Udall Park and Tanque Verde Rd. so, hopefully, we will get some suggestions for favorite restaurants, entertainment, sports activities, or recreation etc. available in that particular area.

PLEASE EMAIL your best ideas or suggestions to Melissa at BY SUNDAY, JUNE 11. Please include your NAME, BASIC CONTACT INFORMATION, and WHEN YOU JOINED ST. FRANCIS. Include a PHOTO OF YOURSELF if at all possible!

AS AN OPTION, YOU MAY ALSO SUBMIT your SINGLE (one side) PAGE by leaving it in the box marked "WELCOME PASTOR WILKERSON" in the LOBBY by SUNDAY, JUNE 11.

Staff Parish Relations committee hopes we ALL will contribute something about ourselves for the Welcome booklet to be ready for Pastor Mike Wilkerson's first day on JULY 2nd. THANK YOU!

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