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A Wind from God

June 19, 2022

I love the imagery from the beginning of Genesis.

I believe the wind of God, the Holy Spirit

was present before the beginning of creation

and is ever present beyond the end.

The wind is in the breath. When we are born,

the doctor gives us a little smack to help us along

in claiming our first breath. The breath of God.

That wind from God, is the Holy spirit and sustains life.

No matter who we are, where we are born

or how big our bank account, we share

the same wind from God.

Today is Father’s Day, I thought it fitting

to tell you something of my father,

who passed into a yet larger room

just eight years ago.

My father was a great man,

loyal son, loving father and husband.

He was a friend to many, an icon

and a true character.

Rolly Loomis

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