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Image by Ivana Cajina

Our Vision

To inspire and guide each other to an awakened life by engaging with our community, the earth, and the Divine.

Our Mission 

To connect spiritually with the world around us and among ourselves through love, oneness and service.

Audience at St Francis in the Foothills UMC

Church Assessment

The Charting the Course Team is a committee formed by the Church Council to provide strategic planning support through the development of creative solutions, ideas, and long-term strategies for the betterment of St. Francis and its future. One of the tasks this team decided to complete was to get an assessment from the Director of New and Faith Ministries for the Desert Southwest Annual Conference, Rev. Rachel Gilmore. After Rev. Gilmore completed the assessment, she crafted an insightful presentation which she gave to the congregation after the 9:30 am service on September 10th . The PowerPoint file she presented as well as the demographic reports she referenced are available here for review.

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