Create, Play, Rest
A Class of Spiritual Renewal

Create, Play, Rest:

A Class of Spiritual Renewal 


Thursdays at 5:30 pm in Room 50 


I needed to step back and look at how I take care of myself. Working full time and caring for my beloved husband who is dealing with later stage Parkinson’s does not leave a lot of Shar time. We are living in uncertain and stressful times. What I know about the journey ahead is that I will need to tap my will, my resiliency, and my love to grow and thrive in the cultural, political, and personal environment of today’s world.


I had a teacher who said to me "Create. Do not worry about the details. Get together with others and create stuff.” Creating clears my head and opens my heart. It grows my resiliency.


Another way to grow in resiliency is to play. While play can be highly unique to each person, some qualities in play help cultivate our capacity to deal with stress, to problem solve and to activate our imagination.


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While creating and playing are vital to wellbeing, rest is equally important. But not all rest is equal. Binge-watching TV does not provide the same quality of rest as mindful meditation or slow gentle movements.


Come explore creativity, play, and rest as spiritual practices of renewal.


For more information and to sign up, please contact Shar at 299-9063, Ext. 102

or email 



Photos from the Create, Play, Rest Class


Melinda, Judy and Seth created mandala out of earth's beauty. Creating these Mandala’s were about sharing beauty, balance and collaboration.

earths art.jpg
creators mandala.jpg

I walked to the river today
The remnants of the recent rain sparkled in the sand.
Such a treasure, rain, and sand.
So much all around. So much to feel, to see, to hear, to smell.
Creation is a generous gift of abundance to all who notice.
A Breath,
A song,
A flight of fancy.
Spreading our wings, we feel free and alive.
Living like water, flowing, bubbling, expressive and more…
More dancing, more spiraling into the quiet joy of moonlight, liquid gold clouds.
As the piano plays on.

We are exploring creating as an act of building. We are building a movement phrase, a mandala, a poem. Here is a collaborative poem written in our class using a process called Build a Poem:


Altars remind us what is important.  Class exploring the sacred.