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Honoring Rev. Jim Wiltbank

Updated: May 4

Dear Friends,

We recently learned that Rev Jim Wiltbank, pastor at St. Francis in the Foothills, UMC for the past nine years, has been reappointed to another church and will be leaving us the beginning of June. We wish to thank and honor Jim for his compassionate leadership of our church community and the greater Tucson community by creating a fund in his honor that he wishes to go to furnishing the St. Francis Community Center with theatrical lighting.

This lighting will allow production of Man of La Mancha in late July while opening the possibility of future performances that engage and involve our church community as well as our larger community. It also opens the possibility for workshops and performances by outside groups that involves renting space.

The St. Francis Endowment Committee is donating up to $4000 from the Legacy Fund as a matching grant that we hope will be met by other contributors netting $8000 for the lighting project. These funds will complete the first phase that provides the critical venue for theater to resume at St. Francis. Won’t you contribute to this worthy cause in honor of Pastor Jim Wiltbank helping him create a wonderful legacy for St. Francis?

To donate Click Here.

Thank you, as always, for your amazing generosity,

The Honoring Rev Jim Wiltbank Team

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