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Happy News

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I wanted to let our St. Francis friends and family know that one of our old friends, José Rodriguez became a Naturalized Citizen on June 9th! I was honored to be one of his guests at the ceremony held in the Federal Courthouse downtown.

Jose Rodriguez and his daughter Aniela attended and also worked for St. Francis in years past while Aniela was in elementary and high school. They were here on legal papers as students from Mexico. Jose came to pursue his doctorate degree.

I met Aniela when she was my 3rd grade student at Lineweaver, and Jose gave permission for me to bring her to church. They became close friends to my family.

Aniela finished college in three years as an International Student at the UA with the help of her dad's hard work, many people at the church, and an International Student Scholarship.

She married about 9 years ago, and Rev. Doug Bobbitt officiated at her wedding.

Aniela became a naturalized US Citizen shortly after her marriage. She then sponsored her dad's application, and they hired an immigration attorney to get it done properly. She and her husband Anthony Marquez have a daughter, Andi, who will be 3 on November 1st.

This is another wonderful family that was helped by St. Francis to survive and thrive in Tucson.

Blessings to all,

Nancy Kayhart

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