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Backpacks for Kids at The Inn

Backpacks for Our Young Asylum Friends

As you know, our Conference engages in missions to people who are making the journey from around the globe, seeking asylum. Many people come to our ministries with their children. Parents are weary, and yet are busy with the details of upcoming travel once they arrive here. How wonderful it would be to help keep little – and not so little – hands busy while they attend to the many particulars at hand. This project is so needed! With over 1,000 children seen at The Inn in July, and over 700 people at our East District location – these backpacks will be a blessing.

What follows is a list of supplies that can be used to compile backpacks for these young people. Much gratitude goes to our colleague in ministry, Rev. Dr. Denyse Barnes of the Cal-Pac Conference who compiled this list. Note that these are suggestions; you can add what you like. All items are available from, purchased in quantity, that can then be broken down per backpack. For example, putting 5 crayons into a small, plastic bag, or another example: one sharpened pencil and 6 stickers per backpack – you get the idea.

Further Information

  • For anyone wishing to donate to The Inn of Southern Arizona in Tucson, please contact Gretchen Lopez at for any questions you have or regarding delivery.

Supply List

Backpacks (Nylon Drawstring Sport Bag, 40 pcs)

Ideas For Younger Children

  • Notepads (Lined Bulk 60 Pack Mini Journal, 3.5″ x 5.5″ 30 Sheets/60 Pages)

  • Pencils and Sharpeners

  • Pencils (50 Pack Assorted Colorful with Cartoon Animal Eraser Toppers)

  • Pencil Sharpeners (72 Pack Manual Sharpener with Cap, assorted colors)

  • Crayons and Bags to put them in: (We put in three per backpack.)

  • Crayons (Crayola Box Collection, Bulk, Ages 3+)

  • Bags (Ziploc Paper, Recyclable & Sealable with Fun Designs)

  • Stress Strips (Stress Releasing Strips, Gradient Styles, Stickers, 50 Pieces)

  • Postcards for welcome notes (Junkin 80 Pack Hello Postcards, 4 x 6 inch)

  • Coloring Books (28 Pcs with Unicorn, Mermaid, Alpaca Design 5.2″ x 7.13″)

  • Slap Bracelets (50 Pcs Wristbands with varying designs)


  • Goodie Bag Toys (57 Pcs Bulk Toys, Gift Bag Fillers for Ages 3-9)

  • Party Favors (Kids 3-5, 4-12, Goodie Bag Stuffers, 90 Count)

  • Squishy Toys (48 Pcs, Squeeze Mochi with Water Beads)

  • Stickers (600 Pcs Cute Vinyl Stickers for Water Bottles, Laptops, Skateboards)

Ideas for Older Children and Teens

  • Bracelets:

  • Inspirational (Rubber Bracelets)

  • Friendship Bracelets (216 Adjustable Paracord Woven Neon Colors)

  • Stickers (500 Pcs Cute Stickers, Vinyl for Kids Teens, Waterproof)

  • Notepads (50 Pcs Inspirational Boho Mini Notebooks Pocket Journal)

  • Stress Balls (36 Pcs Star Mini Foam, Gold, Smile, 1.6″)

  • Fidget Toys (100 Pcs Random Color Mini Pop Keychain Silicone Squeeze)

  • Zip-up bags (50 Pcs You Are Amazing Rainbow, Inspirational, Waterproof)

  • Beanies (48 Pack Kids, Winter Beanies, Bulk)

  • Toiletries (Hotel Toiletries Bundle, Tropical Waterfall 200 Pcs, 50 4-piece sets)

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