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Reading is one of the most important activities that you can encourage your children to do. It’s entertaining, thought provoking,

and absolutely critical to success later in life.

Library News | May is Mental Health Month

At St. Francis, we have a Mental Health Ministry with a mission to reduce the stigma of mental illness. Whether you or a loved one has mental health issues, we have listed four books to help you along the way.

Although the Library is closed, you can always make an appointment to check some out, or you can always order these books from online bookstores.  Stay Safe!


Books in the
Library for Peace
to Talk About:

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You won’t be revisiting familiar therapies or antidepressant options. What you will find is a gathering of 16 exceptional and compassionate teachers who have faced profound depression themselves. Their purpose? To radically shift the way that we perceive the experience. To offer insights and practices that reach beyond conventional models. And to help us receive depression’s uninvited yet singular gifts.

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness.jpg

This indispensable book about love and mental health addresses the short-term, daily problems of living with a person with mental illness, as well as long-term planning and care. Of special note are the forty-three “Quick Reference Guides” about such topics as: responding to hallucinations, delusions, violence and anger; helping your loved one comply with treatment plans and medication; deciding if the person should live at home or in a facility; choosing a doctor and dealing with mental health professionals; handling the holidays and family activities; managing stress; helping siblings and adult children with their special concerns.


House of Heart and Heartbreak.jpg

This book is long overdue. The tragedy and emotions involved for the people who love Severely Mentally Ill patients are indescribable. Help and treatment is invaluable, but sorely lacking in efficacy and attainment, leaving these people vulnerable. I applaud Nancy for putting this life many of us lead into a public forum. This raw true account is a blessing for those who continue to struggle. Let this book be a message to the world to help those who are lost. Angels to assist these patients are desperately needed.

The Mozart Effect.jpg

Stimulating, authoritative, and often lyrical, The Mozart Effect has a simple but life-changing message: music is medicine for the body, the mind, and the soul. Campbell shows how modern science has begun to confirm this ancient wisdom, finding evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve the quality of life in almost every respect. Here are dramatic accounts of how music is used to deal with everything from anxiety to cancer, high blood pressure, chronic pain, dyslexia, and even mental illness.