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We feel loss on so many levels these days, from the loss of loved ones to separation and isolation from friends and family due to COVID-19.  Recently, our St. Francis family has lost several beloved longtime members, and so we felt that "Grief" would be a good topic to focus on this month.  


We recommend the books listed below, and even though you cannot check them out of our library at this time, you can order them from book sellers online. Also, we have added several links to help you learn about and deal with grief.


Although our library is closed at this time, your friends at the Library for Peace are always looking for ways to help you through these challenging times. We pray you and yours are safe and well.

Grieving Alone: A Discussion About Social Isolation and Complicated Grief

Coping with Grief and Loss

Bereavement and Grief

Grief: Coping with the loss of your loved one

Books in the

Library for Peace

to Talk About:

Being There For Someone in Grief is a book filled with stories--stories that teach a few basic skills used in grief counseling yet can be safely practiced by ordinary people. Common-sense things like listening and seeing someone just as they are. Allowing their unique way of grieving to be just as it is without an overlay of fear, pity or judgment. Bereavement is a challenging time, and therapists are extremely helpful, but we also need our friends and family to be there for us through the stages of grief and healing. 

Are you finding it hard to get over the loss of a loved one? Does it seem like you'll never move on with your life? Do you feel that you're stuck in the grieving process? Dr. Phyllis Kosminsky understands what you're going through. Having helped hundreds of people deal with their grief and rebuild their lives, she knows that moving beyond grief is often difficult. You may be experiencing complicated mourning, the feeling of being “stuck” in your sorrow, frustration, and unresolved issues.

Explaining the important difference between grief and mourning, this book explores every mourner's need to acknowledge death and embrace the pain of loss. Also explored are the many factors that make each person's grief unique and the many normal thoughts and feelings mourners might have. Questions of spirituality and religion are addressed as well. The rights of mourners to be compassionate with themselves, to lean on others for help, and to trust in their ability to heal are upheld.


When Harold Kushner’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that meant the boy would only live until his early teens, he was faced with one of life’s most difficult questions: Why, God? Years later, Rabbi Kushner wrote this straightforward, elegant contemplation of the doubts and fears that arise when tragedy strikes. In these pages, Kushner shares his wisdom as a rabbi, a parent, a reader, and a human being.

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