Great Decisions Discussion Group

Our traditional Great Decisions Group sponsored by St. Francis in the Foothills will begin this year on Thursday, January 27th by Zoom starting at 6:30 pm.


Each session will start with a 30 minute video on the topic followed by a 90 minute group discussion. The reference books can be purchased for $27. Please contact Art Aldag at if you would like to purchase books and participate in this years discussions.



Our 2022 discussions will address nine topics this year:


  • Changing Demographics

  • Outer Space

  • Climate Change

  • Russia and the US

  • Myanmar and ASEAN

  • The Quad Alliance

  • Drug Policy in Latin America

  • Industrial Policy

  • Biden’s Agenda

In Changing Demographics, we’ll explore how these changes are effecting addressing the needed social, environmental and security challenges in the world. 


Outer Space will look at how the US deals with the increasingly crowded outer space. 


Climate Change will focus on what role the US will play in this important issue facing the world. 


We’ve visited Myanmar several times over the last ten years and this country continues to experience governance issues. This year we’ll be discussing the relationship between the Myanmar military regime and ASEAN.


Great Decisions 2022.png

The US sale of a nuclear submarine to Australia came out of the blue to me, but it may well be a part of the strengthening of The Quad Alliance: US, Australia, India, and Japan. We’ll look at the implications of that pact. 


Drug Policy in Latin America explores this as perhaps the underlying cause of the ongoing “War on Drugs” in the US.


In Industrial Policy, we’ll look at the relationship between governmental policy and US industrial businesses to seek a better understanding of supply chain issues.


This year our video support for discussions will be provided by a 30 minute “Master Class” on the discussion topic. This will enhance our understanding of the issue and provide ample fodder for having some productive discussions as we open the doors on 2022 US and the world.